5 most common wedding photography styles

As with all other art forms Photography too has some genres and in them certain styles which photographers use while shooting. Wedding photography is one of the sensitive genres as it covers one in a lifetime occasion in your life. There are no definite dictionary explanations for different wedding photography styles but the approach used by a photographer while covering your big day can be classified into different styles.

1- Classic

This is the style of Photography which occupies most of the space in your wedding albums. Those posed shots of the couple along with their entourage and family members. The photographer plays a major role in this style by directing and guiding the couple, their friends and family in certain groups and sets to take the posed shots. This traditional style of photography has been in practice for decades and is the most important source of getting the key shots of the wedding.

2- Photojournalistic or Documentary

Couples these days usually opt for this style of wedding imagery. As the name suggests it’s like the photojournalist who takes candid shots of the events happening. The wedding photographer covers all-day festivities as they unfold. In this scenario, the photographer remains in the background and capture the wedding story with his/her creative vision. Since this style does not require any direction by the photographer and he is only documenting the whole day event this style is also known as documentary or reportage.

3- Illustrative

The illustrative style is a beautiful combination of both classic and documentary style. Usually the best approach for engagement and pre-wedding shoots. The couple is posed to take some candid shots in a well-framed composition. Wide-angle lenses are used to capture the beauty of the subject and their environment. Photographers use interesting backgrounds according to the couple’s choice and do the shoot in controlled light to capture the beauty of both the subject and the background. The illustrative style is capturing the spontaneity of a candid shot while using the technicality of a posed one.

4- Fine Art

As the name suggests it is the artistic approach of the photographer which he/she uses while capturing different shots at the wedding. It could be an inspiration he takes from a certain element like the dress, a mirror, staircase or even a certain angle and captures it according to his artistic vision.  Fine art wedding photography is more than just photography, it’s like creating a piece of art by using a certain composition, angle, lighting and creating a personal and authentic record of your big day.

5- Editorial

This is the kind of style you usually see in magazines. Editorial photography involves capturing the details of weddings like the bride’s dress, shoes, decor, etc with some beautiful backgrounds. The couple is also directed for posing in a certain style to get the shots. Many couples opt for this kind of imagery for their bridal portraits since it captures the beauty of the subject as well as the background. This style again requires a complete direction and guidance by the photographer.

As mentioned above there is no strict boundary and definition for these styles and best wedding imagery is the one which involves a mix of all the above styles. There are many other ways your photographer can capture your big day but combining the above five can complete your wedding album with all the best poses and candid moments to cherish in the years to come.

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