I’m Asif one of those lucky people who have their dream job, being a photographer is all I ever want to but that’s not how it always was. I was from a family of engineers where sons are raised to be one too. Working tirelessly as an electrical engineer one fine evening I met this big city girl who was filled with all the creative ideas I used to long for while sneaking on work to be with my camera. Luckily the stars were in my favor that night and we ended up signing the petition: Come what may we will stick to each other like moss to a stone and cheese to a bagel OK now it’s getting too cheesy….. so with my passion for photography and her support I bid farewell to engineering and immersed full time in photography. More wonderful things happened along the way we welcome our tiny copies. Yes, we are proud parents of a think tank named Balar, a mischief monster Muneel and our darling princess Raatil. My big city girl got busy raising these three precious and me literally traveling to each and every nook and ally in the GTA and beyond clicking my wonderful clients that we missed out on many years in actually fulfilling our dream of creating some beautiful imagery together. After years of working alone me Asif and Maryam my better half together made AMBR which you would know by now, are our little family’s initials.
Now about AMBR Photos work philosophy! no…. we don’t have any philosophy its just a labor of love where we document stories at your wedding, engagement or any life event with our creative touch. You give us a call and come to our little studio, based in Mississauga with your ideas and we will be there with coffee and chocolates ( that’s one more thing beside photography and our kids that we can’t live without) while you will narrate your wedding or event plan, we will imagine it through my camera lens like I say “I breath photography, live photography, think photography and I even sleep photography.” so yea! its pretty much everything along with the little family we are blessed with. We work together to create something special, plan an amazing family shoot filled with fun activities for the kids, work on a timeline to make sure you get the most from your wedding day.

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