Dos and Don’ts of Wedding Photography

 Your wedding day will come and go but the memories will remain forever and the best way to preserve those memories is to invest in a good wedding photographer. One of the most important factors in wedding planning is photography as that will be the one factor that will make you relive that one special day. To help you make those special moments picture-perfect here are some of the dos and don of wedding photography
Initial research and finding your style:
The best way to have some great photos taken on your big day is to do detail research on the kind of photographs you would like to be taken. Explore different styles and select the one which is closer to your heart. We know weddings do come with heavy budgets but trust me investing in a good photographer will save you from lifetime regrets.
Book an engagement or pre-wedding session:
We always emphasize the need for a pre-wedding or engagement session. One of the most important factors in taking some magical shots during the wedding is knowing your photographer. Be at ease in his presence to pose naturally. Instead of jumping on the big day without knowing the photographer. After an initial meeting best approach would be getting to know his work style and interaction and what better way than to have an actual photoshoot? Many good photographers provide a free engagement session for this purpose. At AMBR photos we also follow this practice.
Lighting setup:
In photography, lighting plays a major role and mostly natural light captures those shots which are no match to an artificial flashlight. Keeping in mind this factor, do take time to explore the venue and its light setup. If you are opting for an outdoor shoot, the best time would be when bride’s makeup is fresh and that’s morning shots. The golden hour which is usually before the reception is also one of the best times. Do utilize these picture-perfect hours.
Relax and live in the moment:
Nothing is hidden from the camera so do not frustrate over posing and make those stiff unnatural smiles. It is a union with your loved one so live in this moment and show the best chemistry you two naturally have for one another as natural poses will give you the best images. Relax and enjoy the directions from your photographer for both posed and natural shots.
Cut budget on photography:
As mentioned earlier your photographs will be the only factor reminiscing both of you of the special day. Do not waste those endless hours of planning and thinking on a photographer which can only meet budget and not expectations. It is an investment in yourself so make it wise. Go for the photographer who is skilled and confident.
Choose a venue with limited opportunities:
Make sure to go with the venue which follows your theme and idea of the wedding look. Explore its various aspects and places. Get to know if there are any restricted areas. Do not go with cramped small spaces as the wider a space for photographer, the better the picture outcome. A venue with lots of natural light both in the bridal suite as well as reception area will make great setups.
Over schedule the timeline:
Wedding sure is a busy day. Lots to cover in a few hours and lots of near and dear ones to meet. Best way to have a photo session is not to compromise it over other events. The photographer will be covering the day as it unfolds but try to make a timeline that gives enough space to move things around so you do not compromise your dedicated time in front of the camera.
Procrastinate the shoot:
We have already put quite an emphasis on the light play during photo sessions. To catch up best light its wise not to push back your session till the last hour. It is your big day so why not give it the best shot and give your photographer every opportunity to make some marvelous imagery.

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