Five reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer

Wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. A day you wished you could live time and again and for that, you either need a time machine or some brilliant imagery which can make you cherish those moments and even the ones you could not witness being a busy bride or a groom. I have yet to come across that time machine but yes with all those iPhone XS Max, Galaxy S10 Plus or Google Pixel 3 XL your wedding moments are just a click of your best friend, uncle john or cousin Fred’s phone click away but hey wait a moment where is the picture of our first kiss, our first dance or us exchanging the first look???? well guess what your bestie had to attend that call or uncle john had to rush for a nature call that time and cousin Fred’s phone battery died.  Honestly, these are pretty normal incidents we get to hear from real wedding photography horrors witnessed by many who opted to go for relying on friend photographing their big day or hiring a student/amateur photographer.
An average wedding in Ontario costs around $30,000/- which includes a list of wedding vendors from a wedding planner, wedding venue, florists, Dj’s, stationery and cake, etc. With the rise in digital imagery many out there has a hold on smart gear but what sets a professional from an amateur is he/she has complete command over his gear. It’s like you by a Ferrari but you do not know how to drive it. What a cliche!
We know that weddings are those big blow on your pocket kind of affairs but with the right investment in a professional photographer, you will have a lifetime of good memories. There are many reasons to hire a professional photographer at your wedding but our top five reasons are :
1- Experience
A professional photographer is not just the owner of the smart gear he has years of experience creating gorgeous imagery with that. They know their timings of when to capture that gleaming look in the groom’s eye when he sees his bride walking down the aisle to her, that first kiss and that tear in the bride’s mothers eyes. They know how to tackle those tricky light situations and candid moments which uncle john can easily miss.
2- Commitment
One of the most important traits of a professional which sets them apart from all the amateurs is their professional commitment. You will not experience a last-minute dropout or changes in the plan by a professional photographer. They have a reputation on stake. Ideally, a professional photographer always book with a legal contract so both parties have security and ease of mind for any unforeseen mishaps on the big day.
3-Backup Plan
Like cousin Fred’s phone battery an amateur’s camera can also malfunction, the card can play tricks or that smart gear he owns somehow stops behaving. The professional photographer won’t only come equipped with a backup gear and plan but will know how to fix any malfunction in a whirlwind. Your precious candid moments’ cant wait for a battery change or malfunction pause hence with a professional photographer you will witness them carrying these bags of all their backup cameras lenses and lights.
Everyone wants their wedding day to proceed smoothly and a professional wedding photographer knows all his angles to capture not only those priceless candid moments but also know how to remain in the background and direct you and your family and friends to get the imagery which you can cherish in the time to come.  They will organize in a way to create a stress-free, fun environment by confidently conducting groups of friends and family to keep things rolling.
5- Outstanding Results
A professional wedding photographer is in the business to make a living out of it. It is not their weekend gig so they will assure to make the best out of your wedding photography so that you recommend them to your friends and family. Their style of imagery is something you liked and will get because it’s all those years of experience and strive to outstand the rest which will give you the results that you won’t get out of an amateur’s photography. Afterall your wedding photos will be your best memories of the wedding, allowing you to be reminiscent of every great moment, friends and family that came to celebrate.
Weddings are the beginning of a new life where you foresee lots of expenditure. A wise investment on a wedding like cutting back on florals or food which won’t last after a few days can save you to spend on photography which will last a lifetime. Wedding photos will be your enduring proof of one of the most important events in your life so who wouldn’t want to get them right the first time, right?

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