Getting pictures through the wedding chaos

A wedding is not just a happy union of two souls but a time of making everlasting memories with loved ones. The planning usually start way ahead but even the best-planned weddings come with a dose of chaos. If you hired a photographer who likes to document your big day as it unfolds then you are in luck as a documentary-style photographer or a photojournalist is the one who merges into all the chaos at times creating much needed calm in those stressful moments to give you imagery mostly couples enjoy later. It happens that at times there are moments where the couple and close ones are so immersed in the situation that they do not even realize what beautiful memories they are creating there and then. A good photographer will make himself almost invisible to cover those raw candid moments.
These days mostly couple tends to go for a photojournalist who can capture their wedding day events naturally as they unfold including all those fun and emotional moments. Like the tear in the groom’s eyes as he watches his beautiful bride coming down the aisle or at the first look.
Best captures during unexpected opportunities
At times the most unfortunate or unexpected incidents call for the best images for the couples. Most of the time they get surprised looking at those images and the stories attached are to be told over and over again. For example one of the brides had a makeup disaster and out of panic last minute, she decided on washing her face and doing what she could do on her own. All the stress in the bridal suite with all the bridesmaids helping in dolling her up made for some timeless images. Regardless of how stressed she was that moment she still cherishes the images of makeup spread all around her and all her bridesmaids trying their best to relieve her of the chaotic moment.
Decide in the spur of a moment
At times the chaos of the wedding day comes together in ways that no one can anticipate. A brief panic just seconds before the rituals or ceremony start for example in South Asian culture there are such rituals where all the brides friends gather around the groom to steal his shoe in return of some kind of reward With a moment occurring so fast, photographer cannot necessarily wait for the perfect arrangement of hands around shoe, for instance. However, the ability to anticipate that something is about to happen and get into the best position to capture it will go a long way towards capturing these brief, fun-filled exciting moments.

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