Helping your Wedding Photographer to take great photos.

A wedding is one of the most important day of your life when a bride gets to see all her fairy tale imaginations coming to lifee. In reality, it often hits with some unforeseen challenges. It could be a change in the planned timeline, the dress not fitting well, already true and tried makeup look is somehow not complimenting your features, endless chaos and challenges can occur but the key is to stay calm and always find a way around. You have given your best to plan this big day and now is the time to give the best in front of the camera to create some memorable magic for years to come. There are many ways in which you can help your wedding photographer takes some amazing shots of you and your loved ones.
1-Get to Know your style
As the word Photography suggests its painting with light. An art form where every artist has a different and distinct style. Search for the kind of photography style you would like to have on your wedding day. Either you like bright and airy or dark more dramatic ones, you like a bit bohemian touch or a classic style. Make your mood boards and once you are sure of the style to go for the photographer who can create that style for you. It is the first step in getting the best wedding imagery.
2- Meet the Photographer in advance
Getting to know your photographer and his working style will help both you and your photographer to give his best on the day of the wedding. Discuss your theme in detail, different poses, and styles you have in your mind. There are little details that make a big impact later on for example during the ring exchange at times the groom is holding the box or the ring in a way that covers the hand and photographer regardless of his best efforts and juggling around the party cant take that clear candid shot. It will be best if these nitty-gritty details are discussed earlier.
3- Lighting
It is one of the most important factors for any photographer. Natural light is the greatest source but if you decide to do mostly indoor wedding then keep in mind the venue and its lighting. Often banquet halls are swarming with yellow lights which is not good and the photographer has to use his light setup so help him by giving time for that. Ask for a bridal suite that has lots of natural light coming from the window. Setup the makeup station facing the windows to get some beautiful imagery while getting ready.
4- Clutter-free Space
The bridal party while getting ready in the suite or salon often create a chaotic state where makeup and dresses are spread out everywhere, such an environment might go well for a 24 hour Instagram story but trust us it does not come out well in wedding photos so make sure there is someone responsible to keep the area clutter-free especially near the bride. The best option is to go for bigger prep spaces so that the photographer has enough space to choose a fuss-free zone.
5- Coordinate Timeline
Often it is observed that while making timelines the bride and groom or their planner do not consult the photographer to discuss his requirements. To get some remarkable results its best to coordinate your timeline with the photographer to help him prepare accordingly. If he knows the light conditions and no of guests to cover, ceremony details he can guide you better. For outdoor shoots, an hour before the sunset is best. Again huge factor is the weather if its stark sunlight then midday to afternoon is the worst time for outdoor imagery but on a cloudy day, it does not matter much.
6- Makeup and Colors
Hairstyling, makeup and dress color all play a key factor in putting a great image together. Often the brides put their best effort into this selection. All colors are beautiful but the one which enhances your complexion and natural beauty is the best choice. There are some tricky colors that do not make a flattering impression, with our experience fuschia and some shades of blue and cyan, do not always reflect as the best choice. Then again its always best to have a pre-shoot with similar colors with the photographer so he can give you the best results.
7- Unplugged environment
These days almost all guests have their smartphones ready to take the images throughout the day often photobombing and hindering the photographer’s view. It is best to have an unplugged time especially during and after the ceremony when the photographer wants to do some storytelling and capture the candid moments and afterward for group poses and pictures.
8- Guests list
Sharing the guest’s list and grouping charts with the photographer will save both parties a lot of time. While doing the group sessions he would know what to expect. Here one thing that will be very helpful for the photographer is sharing your plans and expectations with the guests. At times guests request the photographer to take their picture while the bride and groom are starting their first dance or in the middle of a speech. This creates an embarrassing situation as he has to excuse the guest to cover the main event.
9- Share surprise elements
There is no doubt that some of the most memorable images come out of these surprise moments but for your photographers, it is best to be prepared to capture those raw emotions. If he is not aware of what is about to unfold he might not be ready for something which might happen for a spur of a moment, for example, a surprise entrance or a helicopter landing to steal the bride n groom away.
10- Stay calm and stay in Love
As I mentioned earlier weddings are not just the most memorable day of your life but they also come with a dose of stress and anxiety. Being a wedding photographer we see lots of anxious brides not focusing on their love but the priest or somewhere else. The best approach would be to let go of worries and concentrate on each other. After all, it is your day and you are only going to relive it through your photographs. Do your photographer a favor and just enjoy this day, show that great chemistry with the most beautiful smiles.

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