How to feel comfortable with your wedding photographer?

Weddings in any culture is that one special occasion which makes memories to last a lifetime. It is a day which will go down your memory lane forever and what better way to cherish the memories than to look back at all the pictures of that special day when you got united with the love of your life.

Despite living in this smart techno gadget era where almost everyone has access to cutting edge smartphone cameras, there are many who still do not feel comfortable getting in front of it especially when you are under the immense pressure of getting the perfect shot on the big day of your life. Trust us, the pressure is not just on your end its mutually shared by any good professional wedding photographer. There are ways of how both you and your photographer can work together to feel perfectly at ease in front of the camera for your wedding.

Initial Meet up

Even if you get to know your photographer through a personal reference or through their website, Instagram or any other social media platform. It is always better to meet the photographer in person. All professional photographers obviously put their best work on websites and social media. You can get a glimpse of their personality too in this age of Instagram and twitter but the best approach would be to meet them in person. See different samples of their work and go through with them explaining you their style and approach, you discuss your requirements and style. This whole meet up plan will give you a good idea to know what kind of personality your photographer have and either he/she can get along your style and ideas for your big day.

Get an engagement session

One of the best way to get to know your photographer is actually taking a photoshoot. An engagement session is the best way and a win-win situation for you and your partner. Not only will you be able to get hold of some quality imagery but you will also be able to use it for your guest book and thank you cards. The best part is many wedding photographers like here at AMBR photos give a free engagement session with their various wedding packages. You will gain first-hand knowledge of what to expect from your photographer on your wedding day once you will see him/her in action on the engagement shoot.

Hunt for locations together

If you have hired a wedding planner or working on your own, Its always a best option to discuss your big day venue with the photographer. A wedding planner can not guide you that at a specific venue what are the best times considering lightings and poses to capture the sort of style you want that day.  Photographers know the best time to shoot at a certain location. This whole scouting procedure with the photographer will add up to your comfort level with him to take both posed and candid shots.

Pre-wedding shoot

Every wedding is unique and takes a lot of time and efforts on part of the couple and their families. Best way to save time on the wedding day is to have a pre-wedding shoot and a meet up with your photographer. Even if you were not able to take an engagement session pre-wedding shoot will give you a great insight on your photographer at work. Often such shoots take longer and best way to utilize is to discuss what sort of outcome you want out of your wedding photo session. By outcome we mean you can discuss in detail the family members you want the photographer to focus during the reception and after hours. What sort of prints you would like to have? Either you are planning for big mounts on our walls or a collage of few selected ones, some loose prints in a keepsake or just a photo album will suit. All this discussion will prepare you on what to expect and also help your photographer in his focus and compositions.

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