Steps to picking the perfect wedding photographer

Planning a wedding is a joyous time for any couple which comes with its positive and negative aspects. At times it becomes not only stressful but daunting to find the perfect vendors. Even if you have the most professional wedding planner hired for the big day, keep in mind that a photographer is not like any other vendor. He/She is the one responsible for giving you the everlasting memories. You might forget the taste of your cake or the number of guests at the wedding but the images given by the photographer will be your source of remembering them again. Here I will mention a few steps to help to decide on getting that perfect photographer for your wedding.

Step1: Make a Budget

Take the wedding photographer as one of the most important investments in your wedding. I can not stress this point enough after explaining how this vendor’s product the only one which can make you relive the whole experience again and again. It pays to have the best. While you can strike a good deal with someone new in the field but you need to find the one you can trust to get it right. Make adjustments in other expenditures and do settle with one whose style strikes you. With the mention of style comes the next step.

Step 2: Get to know your style

Go through various portfolios to get to know what style and kind of photographs you want for the wedding. Either you want documentary style or classic, illustrative is something which defines you the most or a bit of editorial trend. If all these styles are making you confuse, worry not and head to our other blog where we have described in detail about different styles of photography. Another very important aspect of searching for style is either you want a light and airy look or dark and moody for the images.

Step 3: Research the prospects

Once you are settled on a style, thoroughly search different portfolios and finalize on 2-3 photogs you think resonate the most with your style. Here a bit of good advice and experience from friends who have been through this process will go a long way. Explore their website to see the best they can provide. Send them an email asking for their availability and the latest packages. Many photography companies will not give you a quote in your first email and would like to talk in person. This email is your first contact with a person who is going to capture some most memorable moments of your life so make it as your first meeting and the reply you get from them is also important as that will be their first impression on you.

Step 4: In-person Interview

The only way to get to know your photographer is to meet him/her in person. A good photographer will emphasize having an initial meeting before you make a final decision. At this step not only will you get to know the personality of the photographer but can also get a vivid idea if he meshes with your style and make you comfortable on the big day.

Step 5: Scout their real wedding albums

The best way to utilize this initial meeting would be to ask your photographer about the real weddings they have covered. Photographers put the best work in their portfolio on their website as well as social media. The best way to see if the photographer is good at delivering his art is to see a real wedding they have covered. You will get an idea of how he/she covers the whole day in a certain style. Ask them to show you different albums both digital and hardcover.

Step 6: Read the contract and make a timely decision

A professional photographer will always work with you under a contract to give peace of mind to both parties. You will have the guarantee that there will be no last-minute surprises. Read all the claws in the contract and decide. Now you have gone through all the steps its time to make the final decision and trust your gut.

The last thing you want to do after all this homework is to lose your best-suited photographer as you could not decide timely.

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